So what to do if your favorite spaceship/rocket/aircraft is not in my list?
That depends on how easy you want to make it for me. You should send me one or several images of the desired craft. These pictures schould be large enough. And you must tell me where you got them from, so that I can list the source at the apropriate place. This is indispensable to avoid copyright problems!
Further I would like to have all the necessary data abput the craft: size, origin (which series or movie or, in case of real craft, which country/organisation) and in which year it first flew (or will fly).
Below you see a table that lists how fast I will probably respond to your request, dependent on the quality of the sended image:
ExcellentSend me an image of your craft that is in exact side view, at least 600 px wide, with white or transparent background.less than 1 week
GoodA large (> 600 px wide or high) image with little perspective deviance from the exact side view. I can correct that deviance in most cases and cut out the background. Example:

As fast as I can manage. Probably within the month.
UsableAn image where a lot of manipulation has to be done — like erasing interfering objects from the foreground, assembling the image from several source pictures. Example:
Some time. I’m afraid I can’t promise more than that. I will probably try to find better source material
TrickyNo image at all, just a name of the craft and the movie/series/country it is from.Maybe never at all. There are so many craft I would like to add to the collection, but of which I haven’t been able to obtain usable images. So there’s a reasonable chance that yours is one of them. In that case I can’t do very much. I’ll do my very best, though!
If, for some reason I am unable to comply to your request, or have reasons not to do it, I will certainly answer your mail and explain my reasons. In that case, please don’t dig deeper!
For your entries/requests send an email to!