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Rockets and Space Ships Size Comparison

This website enables you to compare the spaceships of your favorite movie, TV-series or SF-novel as well as the real rockets and spacecraft of both the USA and the USSR.
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This tree structure enables you to select any number or combination of items from the database. Checking the checkbox of a whole category (e.g. Star Trek) will select all entries of that category.
Pressing the left button will display the selected, filtered and sorted group of items.
Pressing the right button will display the same things in a new window (popup) so you can modify your selection without reloading the page.
If for example you want to compare all space stations larger than 10km or any rockets from before 1960 this tool will save you a lot of time:
You just select the whole tree (or any partial selection). Of the items selected the filters display only those that match the set filter criteria.
This tools allows you to sort the items to be displayed in various ways.Those items that have identical values in the search (e.g. are from the same year or from the same series) can be sorted secondary and, if necessary, tertiary.
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